New Year’s Resolutions: TV 2012

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. If you really want to do something, why wait for the new year to decide to do it? But when it comes to TV, making some resolutions (and maybe predictions) makes sense. With a bunch of new shows premiering and some old favorites waiting in the wings, New Years is a perfect time to decide which shows to tune in and which to tune out. Of the debuts, here’s what I plan on (voluntarily) watching in 2012:

Potential New Favorites

Luck. If you read my review of the pilot, you know that I’m basically already in love with this show.

Justified. This isn’t a debut, but I’m a little late to the Harlan County party. I’ve been catching up, and sometimes there’s nothing better than breaking into a new show knowing you have several seasons of uninterrupted viewing ahead.

Smash. I liked Glee for about 30 seconds. I really did. But after about two episodes the narrative voice of the show started to crack, and up sprouted the weed garden of inconsistencies. Smash, you are my new musical-on-TV fix.

On The Fence

Alcatraz. Reviews for JJ Abrams latest creation are mixed. Dull plots and obvious twists seem to be the biggest offenders, but for you, Sam Neill, I’ll give it a shot.

Awake. This show has a really intriguing premise – a police officer wakes up after a car crash to find himself living in two realities, one in which his wife survived the crash but his son did not, and the other in which his son survived but his wife is dead – and a great leading man, Jason Isaacs. So why am I on the fence about it? Two reasons: 1) The conceit of the show is based around the theory of quantum immortality, and I’m a total geek so that’s music to my ears, but incredibly difficult to pull off. 2) It’s on NBC.

So Bad It Demands One Viewing

Work It. If you haven’t heard about this show, just Google it. I’m not going to even summarize the premise. It doesn’t deserve that.

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